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Hey! I am Carlos deVillasante. Welcome to my Portfolio. I have been a designer for about 6 years as a contractor, after a previous career in art/ design education. Below you will see what projects I have worked on and with whom I have had the privilege of working. My Role has been that of a sole contributor so I have owned the design process from end to end. Thanks for looking, I am always up for a new design adventure!

Capital One

UX Design, Data Visualization and Bootstrap Component Library



A workflow management tool that enables Credit and Model Reviewers to effectively execute and monitor credit assurance


  • Global Search for users to retrieve any record by ID, from any screen
  • Customized table with topics specific to Consumer Credit Review needs
  • Historicaland Current data in a singe view making change detection easier



  • Bootstrap 5.2 Component library aligned to Capital One’s Design system
  • Instruction to engineers on how to leverage the library and Design Thinking
  • UX and Visual Design of iDetect App, which is used for anomaly detection via advanced analytical algorythims

High Fidelity prototypes

iDetect app user flow

Bootstrap component library for iRisk suite of Apps

Component library in action

UC Davis Health

Web Design and Development including UX and UI Design, Mapping


Complete website redesign, including UI, logo suite and Icons

Health Data Flow Chart

Low Fidelity wire frames

Site Mapping

Development Group Inc.

Web Design and Development including UX and UI Design, Video editing


UX Wireframes and Prototypes for, click here

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

Web Design and Development including UX and UI Design, Custom Coding in
Html & Css, Bootstrap and JavaScript

Case Study: click here

Anderson’s Quality Woodwork

Full site build, video creation


Castle USA

Grace Organizing

Every Second Breath

Greg Rojas Tattoo

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