Carlos Devillasante-Integrated Designer


Hey! I am Carlos deVillasante. Welcome to my Portfolio. I have been a UX/ Visual designer for six plus years as a contractor, after a previous career in art/ design higher education. Below you will see what projects I have worked on and with whom I have had the privilege of working. My role has been that of a sole contributor, so I have owned the design process from end to end.

I am an extremely versatile and resourceful designer with a minimal, sophisticated design aesthetic. I also code and often build what I design. My years as a contractor have given me a wide breadth of skills, from UX and UI to visual design and development. I can to adapt to ambiguity and changing situations. I prioritize human interaction in the starting question: “what problem am I solving?” I thrive in environments where I wear a lot of different hats to get things done.


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Finance/ Banking


Education Technology

Housing/ Government


Luxury Interiors

Design Thinking/ Process

Small Business